What is it now

Gogol Foundation is a pro-bono facilitator of cultural projects and NGO operating in Eastern Europe including two production companies in Poland and Ukraine

Film production

Gogol Film (Poland) and Gogol Vertigo™ (Ukraine) produce own documentaries and fiction films in co-production with partners focusing on social issues and art. Character driven stories are preferred, together with concerning how are ordinary people face local and global challenges. Working with directors from different countries, Gogol Foundation scales the dialogue being presented at the events like IDFA, DOK Leipzig, Cannes and Berlinale.

Film facilitator

Since very first experience in film, Gogol Foundation often supports pro-bono projects of emerging directors who are artistically or culturally connected to Eastern Europe (no countries-aggressors or their allies). Besides consulting and supervising, it provides residencies, financial and script analysis, targeting the audiences and risk-management. There are no calls for projects and the best ones are selected among applications received during the year.

Book publisher

Understanding the book as important mean of international communication, Gogol Foundation operates as well as a publisher of visual editions and art books. Experimenting with the formats: classic book, film and digital, it published two Ukrainian almanacs nominated to BBC Book Award and X-RAY Marketing Award being announced by more than 30 medias before 2022.


Being on the artistic frontline of Ukrainian and Polish cultural diplomacy, Gogol Foundation shares own visions at the cultural and political situation in Europe — in different ways, including films, books and own events. It protects the individuals who's interests, as Gogol Foundation's, based on the principles of morality, individualism, healthy competition and artistic freedom.