• 13' /
  • Director: Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk /
  • Country of production: Poland /
  • Production: Łódź Film School /
  • Facilitator: Gogol Foundation /
  • Co-financing: Polish Film Institute

Gogol Foundation facilitated the project pro-bono by complete production managing and production design assistance on the stage of production and VFX services on the stage of post-production.

Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk

ref.   Aleksandr Tsymbaliuk was born and raised in Belarus. Had searched for himself at the chemistry department, later at the faculty of sound engineering, then realized that cinema is the language he would like to speak. Since 2014, a student of the Department of Cinematography at the Łódź Film School, Poland.    updt   Since 2022 Gogol Foundation does not support projects in association with Belarus as long its participance in the aggression to Ukraine.